Swallowing Problems

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The symptom

There are many possible reasons why you may experience difficulty with swallowing.

In most cases the cause is benign. However, some swallowing problems can be symptomatic of oesophageal cancer, and for this reason, it is always important to investigate.

Many cases of swallowing difficulties are associated with benign processes, which include:

Common causes

If you do experience problems with swallowing either liquids or solids, tests will be carried out to determine the cause. The problem may be due to a physical blockage in the oesophagus or a problem in the wall of the oesophagus. This is usually linked with motility and over-contraction (or spasm) or under contraction of the oesophageal muscles. The problem may also lie outside the oesophagus altogether and could be neurological, relating to the nerve supply to the oesophagus not being effective. The most common test used in this scenario is a gastroscopy but others, including barium X-rays and oesophageal motility tests, may also be carried out.

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