Oesophageal Physiology and BRAVO Capsule Testing

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Dr Bansi can arrange Oesophageal pH, BRAVO capsule and manometry studies to be carried out, to test for oesophageal reflux and assess oesophageal muscle function.

The studies can reveal the underlying causes of oesophageal reflux and help Dr Bansi to design an effective treatment plan, bespoke to each patient.  

The tests involve the insertion of a small tube into the oesophagus via the nostril. Manometry measures the pressure generated by the oesophageal muscle over 20 minutes, while pH testing measures acidity and alkalinity over a longer period. Both tests are outpatient procedures. Dr Bansi also offers The Bravo™ reflux testing system which captures data for up to 96 hours.

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Oesophageal Manometry

Manometry tests the function of the oesophageal muscle. It is used to investigate the cause of reflux, problems with swallowing or chest pain which are suspected to originate in the oesophagus. The tube measures the pressure generated by the oesophageal muscle at rest, and when swallowing and the procedure takes 20-30 minutes.

Oesophageal pH and BRAVO Capsule Testing

Oesophageal pH studies determine whether reflux is related to other symptoms, such as chest pain. The test involves inserting a thin tube through the nose into the lower part of the oesophagus, with a monitor connected to a tube to measure and monitor the pH.

Dr Bansi also offers the more comfortable BRAVO capsule pH test, which is attached to the inner wall of the oesophagus via an endoscope to measure acid reflux over up to 96 hours. Patients love the BRAVO capsule’s convenience and comfort – where traditional testing requires a nasal tube to be worn for 1-2 days during testing, the BRAVO capsule does not.   

The results are monitored closely by Dr Bansi and a trained physician, with a low pH reading indicating acidity, and a high reading indicating alkalinity. The test results will also show episodes of other symptoms.



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