Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

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The flexible sigmoidoscope is a tube inserted in the rectum which relays images of the bowel to a monitor. The test is among the most accurate methods of examining the colon and its lining.

The procedure is most often used to check for disease and inflammation, and the endoscopist may retrieve biopsies for later analysis if they discover any abnormalities.

This is a limited examination of the left colon appropriate for ascertaining the cause of such as abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or changes in bowel habits.

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The procedure

Sedation is rarely required for this procedure; if this is necessary, it will be administered into a vein in your hand or arm, which will make you lightly drowsy and relaxed but not unconscious.

You will be in a state called co-operative sedation: this means that although drowsy, you will still hear what is said to you and therefore will be able to follow simple instructions during the investigation.

Sedation has an amnesic effect, which means you are unlikely to remember the procedure.


You can leave the clinic on the same day. However, you may experience drowsiness from the sedatives used. It is best to avoid driving or operating machinery, and it’s a good idea to ask a friend to take you home and stay with you while you come round.

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