Bowel Cancer

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The condition

Each year, 35,000 people in Britain are diagnosed with cancer of the bowel, (the colon and rectum.) This makes it one of the most prevalent cancers.

But unlike some malignant tumours, bowel cancer can often be cured by surgery, and new treatments are being introduced to make survival even more likely.

Achieving a complete cure for bowel cancer depends on detecting it early on. The larger the growth and the more deeply and widely it has spread, the less likely it is to be curable. In its early stages, bowel cancer can be symptomless. An early diagnosis can also be made in the absence of symptoms by the use of screening. Colonoscopy is regarded as the most effective ways of screening for bowel cancer and Dr Bansi is one of the leading colonoscopists in the UK.

The symptoms

Treating Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer can occur in the rectum or colon, and the course of treatment largely depends on location. Cancers of the rectum require preoperative analysis to find out if they are small enough to remove surgically or must be shrunk using radiotherapy. Cancers in the lower rectum will be removed together with immediately surrounding tissue which is called the mesorectum.

Cancers of the colon require a different approach. Once a check has been made to see that it hasn’t spread, colon cancer is surgically removed together with the lymph glands and blood vessels. If there is any sign of spread to the local lymph glands, a course of chemotherapy may follow.

Dr Bansi works alongside an expert multidisciplinary team who collectively offer the best treatment tailored to the individual patient.

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