Oesophageal Cancer

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The condition

Oesophageal cancer occurs in the oesophagus, the tube connecting throat to stomach, through which food travels before it is digested.

Cancer can occur anywhere along the oesophagus and usually begins in the lining. Studies suggest that smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and poor diet can increase the risk of contracting oesophageal cancer, and men appear to be at higher risk than women.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms, it is important to undergo screening early to give yourself the best possible chance of successful treatment.

The symptoms

Treating Oesophageal Cancer

Studies show that lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, improving your diet and losing weight can decrease the risk of oesophageal cancer. 

Dr Bansi works with an expert multidisciplinary team who collectively offer the best treatment tailored for the individual patient. A number of approaches can be taken to treatment. Dr Bansi may recommend endoscopy to remove an early tumour and some of the surrounding tissue. For tumours in a more advanced state, it may be necessary to remove part of the oesophagus or stomach. Surgery may be carried out in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy or targeted drug therapy.

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